Alikewise: The #1 Dating Website for Bookworms

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TL;DR: Like a great book it’s not possible to put-down, Alikewise is a good site it’s not possible to help but be amazed with. By matching users of the kinds of books they like, Alikewise is using niche matchmaking market to the next stage. 

About books and market matchmaking, nobody is since enthusiastic as Matt Masina and Matt Sherman, the co-founders of

From fiction to non-fiction, and all things in between, Alikewise does not keep any web page unturned when assisting men and women discover really love through a common writers and books.

You shouldn’t evaluate a novel by the cover

While the majority of dating sites fit their members by things such as area and age inclination, Masina and Sherman knew there clearly was an industry for a new kind of dating service. The evidence is within the good next Alikewise provides attained since their 2010 release.

Using a killer partnership, Alikewise can set men and women through Amazon’s guide referral motor. Do you really like “The Girl making use of the Dragon Tattoo”? Then you might end up being compatible with someone that wants “Gone female.”

It is able to make a profile, look through other customers and deliver emails on Alikewise, you’ll find inside U.S., Canada, britain and some various countries.

Masina mentioned among the best traits about the site isn’t only can people discover others who will read what they choose to study, nevertheless they are able to use that common soil as a stepping stone for you to get knowing the other person on a deeper amount.

“the fact both of you like books, we think, may be the hookup, and after that you will appear at what books men and women like in order to find out much more about them,” he said.

Precisely why guides are excellent matchmakers

Masina stated Alikewise people aren’t like those you find on other dating sites (no shirtless mirror photos right here!)

With snappy profile brands like “Bluegrass_Book_Lover” and “PaperBackWriter,” Alikewise users are an original type, so they need a unique strategy to fulfill men and women – another form of matchmaker for a moment.

“Having stores to get to know other people that like publications is truly vital,” the guy stated. “Book checking out as a spare time activity simply a social recreation for which you’re going to meet others, therefore I think the whole idea of having this outlet is really attractive to them [users].”

Masina describes the typical Alikewise user as more serious, sort and intellectual sort, who likes classics like “The Catcher during the Rye” but also does not care about branching away with Harry Potter from time to time.

“I look at the website and that I’m only surprised the grade of people that are on our web site. They’re all fairly intelligent, and that I believe that’s just what drives men and women to actually want to fulfill both,” Masina said. “this really is geared toward really serious people that are thinking about discovering a person that they wish to fall for.”

Starting a niche revolution

From the commencement, Masina and Sherman have obtained countless positive comments from customers in addition to online dating sector as a whole, especially in the niche internet dating world.

Masina said the best part about market adult dating sites may be the enthusiasm behind the folks which make certain they are and employ them, which means that a lot more high-quality products and a lot more fits throughout.

“Men and women are attending want to try different markets and different web sites to see where they are fulfilling people they can be much more compatible with. We look at it as more of that which we name ‘coopetition,'” the guy stated. “it is simply creating the entire genre of websites on the internet that’s vital – getting individuals feel safe with online dating sites is very important. Oahu is the duty in the business owners out there in addition to present online dating services to offer different niches that individuals seek, and we also believed this was a great anyone to start out with.”

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